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Get our entire line of Nebula Dice! From the universe to your table, the Nebula dice line consists of 6 sets (Plus you only pay for like 4.5 dice sets when purchased together) (Plus Plus you also get a nifty dice bag to carry them in).


The Nebula sets will guarantee that your tabletop gaming is out of this world, or plane, or at least ensure you have something pretty to look at as your character’s knees are pummeled by that gnome barbarian.


Here are the sets that are included, and while most are self-explanatory we included the colors as well 🙂

Sapphire Nebula (Blue/ Black)

Noble Nebula (Pinkish Purple/Black)

Ember Nebula (Red/Black)

Jade Nebula (Green/Black)

Arctic Nebula (Blue/White)

Prismatic Nebula (Blue/Pink)

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Mix-color with Glitter Powder


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