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19 reviews for Regicide Dice Set

  1. Kai

    I have to say, I’m incredibly disappointed.

    A friend and I ordered these back in October along with a set of Bifrost dice and a wooden dice case. The Bifrost set arrived more or less on time, but were packaged strangely – they were in shipping envelope, in a plastic bag, which was then inside a small dice bag. There was also a roll of bubble wrap in the envelope, not wrapped around the dice, which was odd. Still, no issue.

    The box arrived about a week later – a little late, but not egregiously so. Not a problem.

    The Regicide set arrived nearly /three weeks/ after the dice box, well over a month and a half after the order was placed, and they are terribly casted. All of them are covered in pockmarks and air bubbles; these seem to be beneath the outermost layer and thusly there’s no tactile difference, but it does make them decidedly unpleasant to look at. The quality of their production is especially disappointing given how long it look them to arrive.

    Customer service was also unhelpful. While trying to figure out what in the world was going on with the Regicide set’s delayed arrival, we sent a number of messages not only via the email listed on the “Contact Us” page, but also through Twitter, as we’d noticed the Settling Geek account there seems reasonably active. It often took a week or two (at best, one of the messages sat with no response for a month before we finally got something back) to hear back, which was incredibly frustrating.

    All in all, I so desperately wanted to like this site – you offer some really lovely dice and at the very very least whoever runs your Twitter account seems like a wonderful person (persons?). It’s a shame about all of the everything about my order, is all.

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