Black Widow Metal Dice Set


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This metal dice set, while attractive, can be deadly, but so could any other piece of metal if hurled hard enough. The silvery webs outline a deep crimson center, that is sure to be the envy of any table (virtual ones included).

While it packs a punch, it is slightly less dangerous to the feet thanks to the rounded corners on the D4. Each step is no longer a critical hit, just a straight D4 of damage.


We won’t hide it, this line of text is mainly for SEO. We are all fans of D&D, Tabletop RPGs (TTRPG for short), dice, metal dice, dice sets, and even more geeky and roleplaying things. Don’t forget to respect one another, and always try for more roleplay at the table. Makes things interesting and really brings in more character development. It will help the DM feel less weird about making funny voices and terrible accents 🙂


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